Klem Garden Collection

The House of Oud


What is the colour of wonder? The smell of imagination? The sound of perfection? There are incomprehensible boundaries, where beauty escapes the mind’s attempt to rationalise. An enchanting world made of feelings that touch the sky. A parallel universe, vivid as dreams, as far as thoughts where grace blooms into a thousand forms and mock those words that cannot describe it. It is the magic of an Arabian garden – geometric and blissful, which walks suspended between reality and fantasy, surrounded by light, joy and love. KLEM GARDEN opens the doors on this timeless garden, where the ancient tradition of mixing precious essential oils is combined with the perfection of forms. Here creativity draws on the wonder of nature and exceeds the boundaries of knowledge to recreate unique and valuable visual and olfactory sensations that mimic the seasonal cycle. Even the stones are no longer mere rocks. They are the canvases upon which to paint the colours of the flowers and recreate the fruit’s essence. Along the sharp sky border, the dream is tempered with reality and creates a new framework. Colours and perfumes seem to speak, describing the beauty of life better than words.

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